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“Low temperature and slow cooking” is a new cooking method that has become popular in recent years. It can not only retain the nutrition of food to the greatest extent, but also lock the original flavor and moisture of food. Sous-vide comes from French, and it is called “slow-cook” in English, which means “undervacuum” and “vacuum cooking method”; scientific research is used to find out the temperature range of protein cell explosion of each food material , so as to calculate how long it takes to cook the food within the explosion temperature, which is a cooking technique loved by many Michelin chefs.

This heater saves more space than a slow cooker. You don’t need to buy a pot to put it in the kitchen, just clip it to the edge of any soup pot. Its heating temperature setting ranges from 30-99°C, with a built-in digital display, which can precisely adjust the cooking temperature and time, which is larger than the water boiler, and it is stable for a long time to start, with little temperature difference. There is a water pump at the end of the slow cooking stick Leaf, to achieve 360-degree water circulation, micro-moving water flow, so that the heat is evenly distributed, so that the hot water circulation in the pot is better, and the heat is evenly heated. Every time you cook meat steak, seafood, and hot spring eggs, it is in a perfect state.

You can use a vacuum packaging machine for vacuum packaging. If there is no vacuum packaging machine, you can also take out the air in the bag and then slowly put it into the water. When the water reaches the opening, the water pressure has squeezed out the air in the bag. Just seal it~ With this method of cooking, the water loss in the food is very small, so the food will appear extra fresh and tender, so you can taste the most basic and authentic taste of the food. The most typical example is hot spring eggs. The best temperature is 62 degrees Celsius. The softness and hardness of egg yolk and egg white are the most appropriate, and the preservation of protein is also optimal.

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