VOVO VB-3000SE Warm Water Rinse Warm Air Dry Korean Smart Toilet Seat 272 Canadian dollars limited sale and free shipping!

Amazon online store sales, original price: 340 Canadian dollars, current price: 272 Canadian dollars free shipping.

It adopts three-in-one all-stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle, which can adjust water temperature, water pressure and seat temperature, warm air drying, slow lid, supports energy saving, and has LED night light. After the convenience, press the controller to rinse and dry the private parts, and clean after the toilet if you have a small spa. It can clean life, prevent bacterial infection, prevent hemorrhoids and constipation, wash the anus with warm water more than three times a day, massage the external anal sphincter due to the stimulation of the water column and moisturize with warm water, and improve venous blood circulation is beneficial to health. It can clean the dirt between the folds that cannot be wiped by toilet paper, clean women, prevent cancer, care for pregnant women, and prevent children from constipation.

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