Feath-R-Lite Military Grade Ultralight PVC 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board $199.95 Free Shipping! 2 colors are available!

Amazon online store sales, original price: 289.95 Canadian dollars, current price: 249.95 Canadian dollars, click the coupon to drop to 199.95 Canadian dollars free shipping.

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Stand-up paddling is a very simple and easy-to-learn sport suitable for all ages. SUP paddle boards are larger than surfboards and windsurfing boards. They can be used on calm water, lakes or seas. There are no unstable factors of wind and waves. It is very suitable Water sports for beginners. Because the draft is shallow, the resistance is small, and it can be rowed faster than ordinary canoes. If there are waves, you can also surf. The paddle board is made of military-grade high-strength double-wall ultra-light PVC material, which is 35% lighter than similar products. The inflatable design can be easily inflated and deflated in just 5 minutes. It is very light and can be done by one person basically. The sport can be played almost anywhere there is water, 10 feet long, 6 inches thick, 30 inches wide, and can hold up to 280 lbs (127 kg). Comes with paddles, air pump, bungee lanyards, backpack and more.

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