Airthings Wave Smart Radon 2nd Generation Smart Radon Detector 37% OFF CAD$159.2 Free Shipping!

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, killing as many as 3,300 Canadians each year. According to statistics, as many as 10% of Canadians live in homes with high levels of radon. When radon is released from ground soil into the air outdoors, it is diluted, but in enclosed spaces, such as homes, it can sometimes accumulate to high levels, posing a threat to human health, not only causing people to Lung cancer and breast cancer.

Airthings Wave is another great embodiment of IoT technology. If you want to install smart detection equipment in your home, it is a wise choice to start by detecting dangerous gases such as radon. The device can display the radon level in the house. Wave’s radon levels are divided into 3 levels, namely green, yellow and red, which correspond to good, warning and danger respectively. There is a conspicuous indicator light on the front of the device, and the user can see the air quality in the home at a glance.

Through the mobile application, users can also obtain real-time air specific analysis, including daily, weekly, monthly and annual air quality analysis (radon, temperature, humidity). When the radon level in the home is too high, or the battery is low, the Wave will make a sound to remind the user. With Smartlink function, directly connect to Airthings Hub.

Amazon online store sales, List Price: 249.99 Canadian dollars, current price: 159.2 Canadian dollars free shipping.

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